My Church Telephone System Installation.

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Here we see a side angle shot of the main carrier with the cover removed.

The carrier is fully populated with a power supply, processor, two 024 TDL boards, a 016 T/R board, a voicemail board and a 800 GS/LS-ID board.

Note that the 024 TDL boards require cables terminated with Amphenol connectors. Each TDL board supports up to twenty four 4400 series Lucent/Avaya telephones.

The 016 T/R board is used to connect analog devices...single line telephones, fax machines, modems, door phones and so forth. The connectors on this board are modular 8p8c. This is a curious situation in that the above mentioned devices require only one pair of wires. I suppose that the reason for providing jacks with eight positions is for cost cutting purposes (the related 016 ETR board also contained 8p8c jacks).

The voicemail module is fairly self explanatory. It provides auto attendant and voicemail capabilities/functionality to the Merlin Magix telephone system.

The 800 GS/LS-ID board is used to connect standard telephone lines (POTS) to the system. It is also used to connect a Music on Hold device, provide an interface to an external paging unit as well as the ability to add external push button door phones. This board is furnished with 6p4c jacks which are standard for that application.