My Church Telephone System Installation.

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To the right of the carriers are the 66 blocks used to terminate cable and provide interconnection capabilities. Block covers have been included, but are generally not because the covers and hinges need to be removed in order to install cross-connecting jumpers. As it pertains to block covers and backboards, there is an established color code. However, it is not well known by many who work in communications. The code is a throwback to telecommunications before the breakup of the Bell System. I will discuss the code in the next picture.. The block covers are labeled for easy identification. On the inside of the covers extensions and designations are marked for clarity.

To the right of the blocks are three beige colored jacks. These are used simply as a connection point for the Magix and an Avaya Partner ACS telephone system that is on hot standby.

Above the "mushrooms" is a secondary surge suppressor. This is used to provide an extra layer of protection against electrical surges that could damage the telephone system. Now given that Verizon's cables between the Central Office and the church are all underground, the inclusion of the this device may seem unnecessary. I like to think of it as "peace of mind".

Below the yellow covered blocks is a beige colored rectangular box. This is used as an interface between the Merlin Magix and the Music on Hold source.

Here are the 66 blocks with the covers swung open. Note that the bridging clips that connect the first and fourth columns are color coded to match the covers and backboards. Again, this is not required as standard chrome plated clips work just as well.

Now for the backboard color code:

Violet/Purple: Cables to PBX equipment

Blue: Cables to system telephone sets/stations

Orange: Cables to the LEC interface

Yellow: Special circuits

Green: Cables to the LEC Central Office

The color red is also used to designate cables towards key system units. Because the Magix is not technically a key system, no red boards, covers and bridging clips are being used.

Below the blue covered blocks is a two port keystone jack. Plugged into the jack are a Magix system telephone (left) and a Partner ACS system telephone (right).